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Your community source for INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE advertising! Our mission at Coffee News® is to strengthen our community by promoting small and  medium-sized businesses, and to provide awareness to local not-for-profit  organizations.  It’s Entertaining and Upbeat! Coffee News® is full of unusual news stories, jokes, trivia and amazing facts, providing  patrons with a pleasant diversion while they wait.  The hugely popular Find the Coffee  News® Guy contest offers the opportunity to win a $50 prize each month.  No bad news  here!  Fun Reading….Serious Advertising! Coffee News® enables local businesses to reach the highest and most potent  concentration of possible customers by providing an alternative to expensive  traditional print advertising.  It’s an affordable, highly visible and highly effective  means of reaching the local audience.  Exclusivity of business category in each  edition enables businesses to lock out their competition.  The fun content entices  readers to look for their new issue EVERY week thus making a frequent impression.  Keeping it Local… it’s Everywhere! Coffee News® is distributed each week all over Fort Wayne, New Haven and  Huntington.  It can be found in restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, medical offices,  car service centers, hair salons, and anywhere else people have to wait. The What’s  Happening section highlights events and things to do in the community.   Take a few moments to explore our site, learn more about the benefits of this  worldwide publication, see who’s advertising and where you can pick up a copy.   
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